I remember when I had an earlier sims game.. maybe it was sims vacation with the expansion pack idk but my brother downloaded this program where you could make your own clothes. I. WENT. CRAZY. idk what it was called but it was so amazing.

omg im sure i had something like that too maybe??? i was terrible at it but i thought it was going to become the worlds biggest fashion designer lmaoo

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can u even believe team canada rn??

how the hell was it 98.7 gb? omg

idek girl. i know i kept all the downloads and then the unzipped files in there so it was probably all doubled up?? but sims games make u go crazy sometimes u know. u gotta have every shoe and shirt and piece of furniture u see. OOPs.

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deleted all my sims 3 stuff))) look @ all that SPACE it was taking up

olli maatta + team finland

@ryanrupert64 Banquet with the boys


i am absolutely smitten bye

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Good luck guys! 

Juice I was given, uh, just from some team mates because I like to drink my pineapple juice… Kind of. That’s my answer at the kids only press conference. —Kevin Bieksa on where he gets his nickname “Juice” (via jordanschroeders)
dear cas