military!geno AU please — like what if geno is in the military or plays for west point’s hockey team and sid visits west point with the pens and he meets geno and sid’s like TELL ME ABOUT RUSSIA ABOUT MILITARY ABOUT YOU and geno does and then while they’re walking geno’s like “sid can i tell you something? i’m big penguins fan, sid best” and sid blushes and geno smirks and does the tongue/smile thing and the team finally catches up to them while their faces inch towards each other and someone yells out YO SID THIS IS ABOUT OUR TEAM BONDING NOT U GETTIN SOME *catcalls*

Leon Draisaitl and the important question.
… I can’t get over his smirk.

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our baby finn uses not-so-baby words (x)

"Do you find driving here is easier or…? Do people get outta control, like speed past you or anything?"

12 hottest NHL dads as per this survey- #9: kevin bieksa

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Sid is willingly touching a fan and his other hand doesn't seem to be near his pocket he must be having a relaxing summer right now :D

right???? i mean there were pics the other day ((werent there? idr)) with hands in pockets, but maybe he was feelin extra good this particular day!! im so ♥♥ @ at his smile though he is an angel

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dear cas