pen island

im jess and i liiiiike sidney (also the pens and sometimes others depending on the last time they beat pittsburgh)
note to self: stop calling people boo

fetus!sid + jailbait!sid

olli’s family + his billet family

olli “bring it in” maatta

Do you have any links to inside penguins hockey clips ?! Or know where I can find themmm

nooot really?? check out paulmartinamericanhero?? she posts videos sometimes. basically ur best chance right there

Have I ever told you how much I love your blog? <3

no?? maybe?? idk!! but thank you boo!!! im so glad ♥♥

Wait did someone actually say we went into over time cause sid couldn't close his legs? If so I missed a lot

yes ok ready:

"dubinsky blows it through the 5-hole of sidney crosby, who, going down to block it, just could not close his legs quick enough, and we’re all tied at 3 going to overtime again."