pittsburgh penguins meme: 8 players [1/8] → sidney crosby


7/31/14 ⇒ Happy 28th Birthday, Prince Evgeni Malkin)))


Favourite Sid interviews: After Hours on HNIC (011114)

"Because your skin always looks so fantastic, what do you do for skincare?"

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u threw up on ur desk omg good job???????

ya all over my book and pens and EVERYTHING can i just say it was like 10 yrs ago though 

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OFF WITH THEIR HEADS. my dorm room last year was above one of the walkways and above the dining hall so i always looked at the huge groups of bros coming to dinner or lunch and listened to the dumb things they said

omfg that could have either been really great or really terrible lmaoooo like if youre bored a+++ 

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your gifs are amazing wow

thank you so much??? idk if they deserve a wOW u are too kind)) ♥

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#2—jess u r my hero

u should have seen these boys yesterday brigit omg they were just missing their fedoras tbh idk how i felt about them being my subjects 

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Could you please post the link to that video where sid gives a kid a tool and he thinks its a power saw but then the kid tells him its like a grinder or something?

wow am i the worst person ever or what im so sorry i forgot about ur message!!!  here!!

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dear cas