pen island

im jess and i liiiiike sidney (also the pens and sometimes others depending on the last time they beat pittsburgh)
note to self: stop calling people boo
Pretty sure that anon was Evgeni Malkin. Like I'm 200% sure

you think so?? he wants to feel sid hold him up as he learns to skate?? good he needs some skating lessons 


kristers takes a tumble prior to his nhl debut (apr 11.)

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is their height difference delish or is it delish

Where is the gif with olli and his mom originally from not the one from the draft but the other one? Thanks!!

umumumum nhl revealed??? possibly episode 5, possibly episode 4?? also idk if its the extended version or not? i dont think so though, im pretty sure the regular episode has it too (dont quote me)

lawyer au: pittsburgh penguins superstar evgeni malkin finds himself in trouble with the law, forcing the team to bring in world-renowned defense attorney sidney crosby. tensions mount as long hours are spent building their case. days turn into weeks and though the odds are stacked against them, sidney never falters in his attempt to rid geno of the accusations, and geno never loses faith in the man who is essentially saving his life (inspired by this post)


He would go out on the ice in a leather jacket looking like a boss.

yo big g where is ur hand goin’ x